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Put use cases first with banking as infrastructure

Make access to Open Banking APIs part of your product infrastructure

Open Banking enables countless use cases which benefits businesses and consumers alike: cheap and ubiquitous payments, risk metrics or reliable identification, just to name a few.

Implementing these use cases is, however, hard: businesses have to either enter expensive and lenghty regulation or use a regulated Third Party Provider which is always visible in the consumer product hurting your trust and conversion.

Now, YAXI offers a regulation-free alternative: the First Party Provider! Through Confidential Computing, YAXI gives businesses access to Open Banking APIs without ever appearing in the consumer journey.

Verifiable technology

In contrast to Third Party Providers, YAXI keeps communication with banks private. You don't have to rely on contracts and trust to make sure this claim holds true: our technology is verifiable through cryptographic attestation at any time.

100% white label

Businesses may focus entirely on their user experience as neither YAXI’s brand nor its terms need to appear in any way in the customer-facing application. This reduces friction, helps building trust and ultimately improves conversion rates.

Start now

As an infrastructure provider, YAXI puts self-service first: Onboard your business effortlessly around the clock, book premium features and get the latest insights.

Free if you are

Access to Open Banking APIs shouldn't be a privilege. Therefore, YAXI offers its services free of charge to organizations and individuals who have no intent to realize a profit.

Portrait of Dr. Vincent Haupert
Dr. Vincent Haupert

Vincent is one of YAXI’s managing directors focussing on its product vision. While doing his Ph.D. in online banking security & regulation, he became a renowned researcher appearing regularly as an expert in various media. Vincent has over seven years of consulting experience for top FinTechs and banks.

Portrait of Christoper Schramm
Christopher Schramm

Christopher is managing director at YAXI and guides its regulatory strategy and the development of bank connectivity. Christopher’s professional record makes him a distinguished expert for banking APIs. During his ten years of hands-on experience, he held leadership roles at Outbank, Verivox, Aboalarm and IconicFinance.

Portrait of Andreas Stührk
Andreas Stührk

Andy is responsible for YAXI’s confidential computing software stack. He has over ten years of in-field experience in designing, implementing and operating dependable software systems. While working for German FinTechs Gini and IconicFinance, he held a tech leadership position.